The facts

“Relationships of trust can only exist if a lawyer’s personal honor, honesty, and integrity
are beyond doubt. For the lawyer, these traditional virtues are professional obligations.”

The first fact that we publish is the relationship history between the entrepreneur Genarro Sposato, Valeria Spagnoletti-Zeuli and their “boss” Roberto Pera.

We start with a simple question, how do you define a relationship with an Entrepreneur? Where starts trust and where does it end?
Could Genarro Sposato and Valeria Spagnoletti-Zeuli act against the entrepreneur or are they not acting beyond doubt of personal honor, honesty, and integrity?

How did the relationship start?


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Roberto Pera

Gennaro Sposato
Gennaro Sposato – Partner – Avvocato – Rödl & Partner Italy | LinkedIn<

Valeria Spagnoletti-Zeuli
Associate Partner
Valeria Spagnoletti Zeuli – Associate Partner – Roedl & Partner | LinkedIn

Gennaro Sposato – Partner – Avvocato – Rödl & Partner Italy | LinkedIn