The Claim

“Relationships of trust can only exist if a lawyer’s personal honor, honesty, and integrity
are beyond doubt. For the lawyer, these traditional virtues are professional obligations.”

This is one of the main principles of the codes for a lawyer. We will explain our position towards Genarro Sposato, Valeria Spagnoletti-Zeuli and their “boss” Roberto Pera in this section. In our opinion, their acting is not beyond doubt.

The main question that we will address is if Roedl and Partners Rome acted in a correct way to their (ex-)client.

We claim that Genarro Sposato, Valeria Spagnoletti-Zeuli and their “boss” Roberto Pera broke the confidentiality code between them and the client. Moreover, we claim that they started to work for a third party against the interest of their client! 
They have threatened us to start a lawsuit, however, they have never filled anything against this claim. For this reason we are more then sure that it is true that Roedl and partners in Rome acted not in good faith and against their client.

We cannot recommend this law firm and advise everybody to understand what they do before hiring them…