BREAKING NEWS: On Friday the 13th Of January 2019 Gennaro Sposato complained again about the content of this website! He still does not understand that his actions towards his ex-client are wrong! 



“Relationships of trust can only exist if a lawyer’s personal honor, honesty, and integrity
are beyond doubt. For the lawyer, these traditional virtues are professional obligations.”


Amsterdam, 1.10.2018

Once upon a time, there was an entrepreneur who hired a law firm that was called Roedl and Partners with an office in Rome.
Two lawyers were his main point of reference: Gennaro Sposato and Valeria Spagnoletti Zeulli.
The entrepreneur trusted his lawyers and followed their advice. After the bad experience,  the entrepreneur published a google review:

I have a very bad experience with this law firm. They worked for my foreign company and started to work against me for another (which caused damages). I have never had such an experience. The lawyer involved was named Gennaro Sposato and Valeria Spagnoletti Zeulli.

 I would never recommend this law firm and warn everybody that they apparently do not work for the interest of their client. In my opinion, this kind of lawyers should be eliminated from the BAR.


Gennaro Sposato was not happy about the review and threatened to sue his ex-client. The ex-client told him that he has the right to express his experience and facts. Moreover, the ex-client told him that he would publish all information that is relevant.

The main reason for the entrepreneur to do this is because he thinks that anyone should understand what happened to him.

The information will be published in a diary form, which means that we continually will publish episodes and if needed documents of the legal proceedings that Gennaro wants to start.

More info, we suggest that you start to read The Claim and how I met Genarro Sposato.

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